The Mortgage Factory

The tech behind the mortgage challengers:

Magellan - the digital mortgage platform.


Näktergal. The mortgage factory.

Mortgage loans are too expensive. For too long, four big banks have dominated the Swedish market and now earn record profits. The legislator finally grew tired of this and opened the €310BN market for challengers. These challengers need a technical platform to take on the banks. Our platform. Näktergal Magellan.

Forged in the heat of the blanco loan wars, Magellan allows for automation the banks can only dream about. Coupled with high usability, Magellan offers mortgage challengers everything needed to quickly attract large volumes of previous bank customers, giving people cheaper mortgage loans and more affordable living.

So far,71 299customers have applied for3 139 531 713using Magellan.

We like Näktergal both because of its technology and because of the collaborative approach you use to bring it to market. Keep up that great work!

- Aitor Almendros Moreno, Santander Innoventures

Collaboration beats competition

In order to offer the best in fintech, we built our platform for cooperation. This allows us to offer a shining array of best-of-breed functionality, from digitized mortgage agreements to fraud detection AI and machine learning for credit scoring.

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On the Magellan Platform are, among others, Bisnode, UC, Instantor, Bank ID, Collect AI and award-winning Zensed.

Making disruption possible

Challengers are about to disrupt the Swedish mortgage loan market. We provide the tech platform.

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