A highly automated consumer lending system built to collaborate with the greatest in fintech.

So far,44 408customers have applied for1 340 446 978using Magellan.

We spent 20 years building systems in the banking sector - and failed.

When it comes to innovation, banks are being outrun by tech giants such as Amazon and Facebook. How can we break this trend? It’s simple: instead of building by ourselves, we build together.

It is our belief that collaboration beats competition, so we have created a consumer lending system with an architecture that gives banks access to the great solutions on the fintech scene.

It works too - we can already offer banks functionalities that outshine the tech giants!

We also believe that the tech giants are the biggest threat to the incumbents.
We like Näktergal both because of its technology and because of the collaborative approach you use to bring it to market. Keep up that great work!

- Aitor Almendros Moreno, Santander Innoventures

Collaboration beats competition

Our consumer lending system consists of a Core and a Platform. The Core handles the everyday challenges of lending, while the Platform gives you the chance to try and test new tech.

The Platform offers the latest-and-greatest solutions such as fraud detection & pre-collection AI and visual data analysis.

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On the Magellan Platform are, among others, Bisnode, UC, Instantor, Bank ID, Collect AI and award-winning Zensed.

For nearly 20 years we were CEO, CTO, etc. at Nordic banks. With time it became more and more difficult to match our system with increasing regulation.

We decided to build the system we were missing.

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