The Magellan platform

Magellan is a comprehensive mortgage lending platform, focused on two things – the Core manages and automates the credit lifecycle and the Platform expand the possibilities with an amazing array of the latest-and-greatest in AI and machine learning.

Cut losses

State-of-the-art pre-collection AI, reducing costs and decreasing the number of claims going to debt collection by 25%.

Unlock the power of data

Spot business trends and patterns easily with automatic data visualization and guided analysis.

Reduce costs

Instantly drop your fraud rate by over 60% using the latest in AI technology.

Magellan's My pages offer full functionality on mobiles and can be branded to match your profile.

Real-life lending does not go by the book - exceptions are the norm.

The Core

Customers pay too early, too late, too little or too much. Their economy changes continuously, just like interest rates and scoring algorithms. Exceptions are the norm.

This is what Magellan Core is built for – being sturdy yet flexible. This is possible thanks to a super narrow focus; Magellan handles only one thing – consumer lending – but it does it well.

It also helps that the people who built it has been working in lending, with nearly a century of combined experience.

The Platform

With Magellan Core handling the everyday challenges of lending, you have the opportunity to look to bigger things.

We extend the Magellan Core with an impressive array of the latest-and-greatest in AI and machine learning and provide you with state-of-the art data visualization tools and guided analysis to help you spot customer behaviour, business trends and emerging patterns.

Evaluate and use the solutions that best fit your organization.

Magellan is built ground-up for security, privacy, accountability and regulation such as GDPR.

Compliant by design

The main reason for this is Magellan's architecture - in tech lingo is called microservice architecture - which enables it to rapidly adapt to changes.

We see the need for a new generation of financial systems, focusing on information security, accountability, and privacy.

System interface

Screenshots of the system for an overview of functions, types of information and current design.

Credit Management Monitor

Check the number of received credit applications, the rate of approval per provider and statistics regarding rejection reasons. CMM offers an overview of:

  • Rate of approval, including a breakdown of automatically/manually handled applications
  • Rejection reasons, for both automatically and manually handled
  • Number of applications received and rate of approval per provider
  • Filter by day, week or month and per provider

Amortization plan

Amortization plans are easily accessible and updated instantly to reflect any changes to the lifecycle such as prolonged period of payment, updated interest rates and payment free months.

Testing, the way it should be

Real system stability, robustness and resilience is achieved by rigorous testing. We have gone the extra mile in providing test support such as mock data, an anonymized test environment and a time machine.

Mock applications and payments greatly increase the speed and comfort of testing. We have also put in shortcuts to easily find credits with different characteristics – say a credit with non-paid notifications.

Testing new functionality with your own data is the best way of finding unexpected side-effects and performance bottlenecks before going into production. Our acceptance test environment is updated every night with your production data - anonymized - which enables you to let or anybody sit along with you during acceptance testing, since there is no sensitive data.

To the best of our knowledge, the time machine is the only one of its kind in the world.

Time machine

In test environments, Magellan has time machine functionality, enabling the user to travel in time to test the effect of interest rate changes, notification and other time-bound events.

Automated tests

To minimize the risk of errors in connection with system changes, the system has automated tests of central functions.

Mock data

The system can generate mock applications and payments in test environments.