Consumer lending made simple with Näktergal.

Intelligent digitisation of the entire loan lifecycle helps you process applications more quickly so you can approve more of the right loans while reducing risk.

An all-in-one consumer lending platform provides intuitive experiences, reduces back-office work and helps you grow volumes. It’s all powered by the same platform, so everyone in your organisation – credit risk, collection, marketing, finance – can work off the same system of record. This allows a smoother handoff between departments and a more delightful experience for your customers.


Close loans faster

In consumer lending, the fastest bird catches the worm. Our digitised consumer lending platform means approval times of just a few seconds.


Easy to connect new brokers:

Stay up to date with all the latest market changes by easily integrating new brokers into the platform.


Fully compliant:

We are experts in lending and stay up-to-date with the latest legislation, so we make sure to be compliant before a law even takes effect.


Näktergal | Onboarding | Consumer lending made simple


Boost efficiency: a single loan officer can handle more applications, boosting productivity as well as profitability.

Intuitive experiences: smooth onboarding for your customers means faster approval, faster processes, faster everything.

Improve conversion: decrease dropout rates and reduce friction by improving online customer onboarding.


Minimal manual oversight: Effortless lending from onboarding to repayment, manage it all in one single unified platform.

Digitised at every-step: from creating invoices to handling the payments, complete with an overview of every step along the way.

KYC, AML, etc: We have full monitoring of KYC, PEP, sanction-lists, and AML, during the onboarding and every day in the lifecycle.


Näktergal | Lifecycle | Consumer lending made simple | Lifecycle


Näktergal | Analytics | Consumer lending made simple


First-mover advantage: our real-time visualisations let you quickly identify behaviour changes or shifts in the market so you can adapt immediately.

Pre-built reports: all the information you need for the tax authorities, accounting department and product development at the push of a button.

A/B testing: a powerful tool to boost conversion, optimise scoring models and improve the customer experience.

Näktergal | Consumer lending made simple

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