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Welcome to our banking modules. Modules are services for banks - all targeted at simplify your work, by making it more automated, flexible, effective, and secure. These services can combined with each other or existing systems or even be used as standalone independent products for best-in-class functionality. What's more is that modules can easily be swapped in or out as required as they are not integrated into the main system.

Amortization calculator.

Handle any amortization requirements with confidence and speed.

Mortgage amortization requirements are often more complicated than they seem, as different rules apply to different loans. This often results in frustration and delayed applications. Our Amortization Calculator works out which amortization rules a customer must abide by, and the specific monthly cost even for the narrowest of edge cases. It works fast and offers the possibility of full automation.

Banking modules - amortisation calculator
Banking modules - dynamic documents

Dynamic documents.

Get a full overview, accessibility, and bank-level security.

This efficient GDPR-compliant module generates documents for your entire lending process, including loan agreements, SECCI, and amortization plans. Its pdf templates have the capacity for dynamic segments for co-borrowers, multiple loans, etc. it allows you to send out any document for a digital signature. And every single document is organized and the document archive has bank-level security.

Policy filter.

Filter applications at the speed of Näktergal. Save both money and time.

Increase operational efficiency by filtering out bad applications in seconds. You set the decision criteria and then easily configure scoring rules without IT. With hundreds of built-in rules, our policy filter automatically rejects applications based on your criteria. For example: not paying tax in Sweden, or not passing a severely stressed left-to-live-on calculation. You can even compare different rule sets over time, allowing you to analyze, tweak and improve.

Banking modules -Policy filter
Banking modules - credit engine

Credit engine.

A new way of calculating creditworthiness.

Our smart credit engine module swiftly generates a credit score and a risk class for each applicant. Set the decision criteria and configure scoring rules without IT. Retrieve credit data to automate credit decisioning and provide dynamic pricing and a recommended interest rate. Detect risk-prone behavior, such as unpaid previous debts or gambling. Or perform left-to-live-on calculations, allowing estimated future salary into account. Simply put, our credit engine does the job for you.

Payment consolidation.

Make multiple payments to different stakeholders. 

Our payment system is used for settlement in the case of consolidation or any other complex payment situation. It enables you to make multiple payments – to different stakeholders – from one place and at one time. The system takes care of all outgoing payments to other lenders and provides a transparent overview of transactions – how much, to who, when? It also comes in handy in case the customer wants to borrow more, on top of the money in the consolidation.

Banking modules - payment consolidation
The digitized lending system

Loan Broker.

Everything that a loan broker needs. And a bit more.

 This is an extended UI for banks to bid on mortgages with zero integration required. It automatically rejects applicants that don’t meet the specified criteria, which is a real-time-saver. This module provides support for testing new broker platforms – allowing you to send, receive and keep track of documents, as well as to get signatures. It collects and visualizes data to help identify both bottlenecks and opportunities. And it tracks the success of campaigns in real-time. Basically, this module supports all aspects of mortgage acquisition.

Test engine.

Find easy ways to deal with any possible scenario

Our test engine provides the perfect test ground, without actually taking any risk. You set the criteria you want to test – anything from acceptance rates to next month’s profitability – and the module does the rest. It swiftly creates applications, payment files, and test persons so you can try out scoring models, functionality, and other parts of your system. With the Time Machine, you can see how the next invoicing round will go and what to tweak. The number of different scenarios is only set by one thing: your imagination.

Banking modules - time machine
Banking modules - savings and deposits

Savings and deposits.

Increase deposit volumes without lifting a finger. 

As you already know, people will always deposit money. So, deposits are a steadfast approach to getting as much funding as you need. Basically, it’s funding-on-tap. Our efficient deposit system saves you time and resources, so you can focus on customer service. This module is all about consumer experiences, which means faster onboarding, increased conversion, and happier customers.

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