Propelling mortgages into the age of the cloud.

Our digitised lending systems make it pain-free for banks, challengers, and lending institutions to get up and running fast, scale seamlessly and stay competitive in today’s complex and ever-changing market.

Reinventing mortgages with Näktergal

We take our highly competitive and automated consumer lending tech into the mortgage lending world. Streamlining outdated processes with our cutting-edge platform giving consumers the seamless experiences and instant feedback they expect.


mortgage experiences

Our intuitive interface increases onboarding speed and improves conversion. We make understanding customer behaviour as simple as our real-time application monitor that visualises incoming applications. So, no more headaches over piles and piles of data pouring in from different sources. 

Näktergal | mortgages | Propelling mortgages into the age of the cloud
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End-to-end mortgage platform

Our system digitises the lending process – all the way from customer onboarding until the loan is fully paid. All this automation improves back-office efficiency and reduces the strain on resources. Making keeping your competitive edge as easy as a pancake. Leaving you to focus on the things that really matter; analysing loan performance and customer behaviour using our real-time visualisations and powerful dashboards.

Single integrated


An all-in-one mortgage platform helps you improve customer experiences, reduce back-office work and grow volumes. It’s all powered by the same platform, so everyone in your organisation – credit risk, pre-collection, marketing, finance – can work from a single source-of-truth. This allows a smoother handoff between departments and a more delightful experience for your customers.

Näktergal | Mortgages | Propelling mortgages into the age of the cloud

In case this isn’t enough to convince you, additional benefits include:


Turbo boost efficiency means you can improve your offering and reduce overheads.


Intuitive customer onboarding means happier customers and higher conversion.


One single unified platform covers the entire customer journey from onboarding to servicing.


Privacy-by-design and careful consideration of existing and future regulations are elements built into the system.


Integrations and partnerships mean we are the best in class at every stage in the lending lifecycle.


Smooth workflows that are simple to handle for customers and credit handlers alike.

Questions about how our mortgage platform fits you?

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