The flexible savings and
deposits system

In these challenging times, access to funding is more important than it’s been for a long time. The solution is simple: intuitive and robust deposits.

Deposits is a reliable and scalable solution. People will always want to put their income above consumption needs into savings, which provides a dependable reservoir of funds.


Scalable & dependable

While access to other sources of funding might be hard to attract, people always deposit money. Deposits are a steadfast approach to getting as much funding as you need - basically its funding-on-tap.


Intuitive experiences

We focus on consumer experiences. For you this means faster onboarding, increased conversion and happier customers.


Fully digitised deposits

Näktergal deposits means you can increase deposit volumes without lifting a finger. Our efficient deposit system saves you time and resources, leaving you to focus on great customer service.

Want to learn more about our flexible deposit systems?

Our savings & deposit system does all the work, so you just need to set the interest rates, sit back and allow the system to do the work. Fill out the form and we will be in touch with you very soon.