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Näktergal is on a mission to replace unnecessarily complex and manual legacy banking systems. Founded in Stockholm in 2015, we build beautiful consumer experiences, and intelligent features to make lending efficient and straightforward for everyone. 

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Näktergal | About us | Team

The Näktergal story

After decades of working with unnecessarily complex and manual legacy banking systems, fintech experts Erik Bennerhult, CEO, and Mikael Abrahamsson, COO, decided it was time for a change.

Erik has been building lending systems for banks for over 20 years and he found himself inspired by the idea of making even better systems. Mikael has been shaping financial companies for more than 30 years, and similarly realised it was time to shake things up. They had a dream to make lending fairer and the knowledge of the systems to understand how to make lending systems better. Today they are living that dream!

Näktergal | About us | Team

Who is Näktergal?

Our experienced team has a proven track record and unrivalled knowledge of the industry. We are made up of developers and engineers, and we are all passionate about building a more efficient and inclusive financial infrastructure. We have created a company of transparency, collaboration and diversity of thought.

We have previously built banking systems for Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Belgium and Holland. Each market has specific challenges, nonetheless harmonised regulation across Europe certainly makes things a lot easier. With more than 100 years combined experience building finance companies and bank systems we know exactly how to disrupt the mortgage industry.

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