Effortless and automated: gets you up and running fast.

We make it easy for banks, challengers, and lending institutions to scale seamlessly and stay competitive in today’s complex and ever-changing market.

Speedy lending with way less manual steps

From onboarding to servicing, we have the most automated lending systems on the market. We deliver efficiency for a hassle-free lending experience.

Read more about reducing the strain on resources. So that you can focus on analyzing loan performance and customer behavior.

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Experience our features

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Attract and retain

Intuitive experiences drive engagement and make onboarding simplicity itself.

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Boost profitability

Convert more customers without increasing the workload. Less work, earn more.

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Get started quickly

You focus on licenses and marketing; we take care of everything else.

Automation at every possible stage

Real-time overview of applications cutting your response time to market changes.

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Compliance - always

As legislation experts, we make sure to be compliant before a law even takes effect.

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Open for integrations

Keep existing data suppliers, replace them or add new sales channels.

API integrations

Näktergal’s digitised lending system makes it a breeze to integrate third-party solutions. So, we can offer you a shining array of best-in-class functionality, from digitised mortgage agreements to fraud detection AI and machine learning for credit scoring. 

Näktergal API integration

Näktergal's digitized banking

Intelligent digitization of the entire lifecycle. 

An integrated system streamlining the digital business lending experience.

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