Näktergal is expanding mortgages to Finland in a collaboration with Bluestep Bank

July 10, 2020 - 1 min read

The next generation of digital mortgages in 142 days

We are pleased to announce that we are collaborating with Bluestep Bank. Bluestep Bank is the first bank to roll out our cutting-edge mortgage platform in the Finnish market. We are entering a new mortgage market and opening up our scalable platform in neighbouring Finland.

Since 2015, we have launched lending systems for mortgages, corporate loans, consumer loans and savings. In Sweden, we have developed systems that have been in operation for four years and players such as GCC and Bofink use our loan systems.

“It is terrific that together with Bluestep Bank, we can now start offering our platform service in the Finnish market. Recent times have shown that digitalisation is no longer just about meeting customers’ expectations, it is about meeting their needs. Today’s launch is a huge milestone for us,” says Erik Bennerhult, CEO and one of the founders of Näktergal.

In June Bluestep Bank expanded to Finland to help more people to become homeowners sustainably. Bluestep Bank will offer mortgages to customers not covered by traditional banks and templated credit scoring decisions. Without system support and a versatile and intelligent system, these complex decisions are incredibly resource-intensive. The collaboration between Bluestep Bank and Näktergal makes this possible and meant that the bank was able to launch in a new market in just a few months.

“It is satisfactory that we are now entering the Finnish mortgage market with a technical platform that sharpens our offer to customers. Via Näktergal’s technical solution, we will also be able to streamline the inflow of new applications. This further improves the customer experience,” says Björn Lander, CEO of Bluestep Bank.

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